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A Holistic Approach for Sustainable Food Systems

Pietro Goglio from the University of Perugia, Italy, explores the holistic approach employed in the PATHWAYS project, the importance of agronomy in addressing livestock-crop interactions and how PATHWAYS is employing principles of circularity for enhanced sustainability in livestock systems.

Trade-Offs for the Future of Livestock Husbandry

In view of making livestock husbandry more sustainable, Catherine Pfeifer explains the need of evaluating trade-offs between efficiency, environmental footprint, and animal welfare.

Characterising Livestock Systems in Europe

To make livestock husbandry more sustainable in Europe we first need to understand the variety of livestock systems that exist there. Eléa Bailly-Caumette from FiBL explains the value of mapping and characterising livestock systems and how this can be done.

Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Food Systems

Jenny Yngvesson from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences provides a strong message for fostering collaboration, co-creation, inclusivity and a more holistic approach to food systems, plus a simple description of One Welfare as a sister concept to One Health.

Farmers Key for a Food Revolution

Through its participatory approach, Farmer Facilitation Lead Jessica Stokes explains how PATHWAYS Practice Hubs are engaging farmers for a revolution of the food system.

Supporting Livestock System Innovation

Highlighting the pressures on current food systems, PATHWAYS co-coordinator Laurence Smith explains how PATHWAYS is a solution space for innovations in livestock systems.

Consumer Trust and a Sustainable Livestock Sector

PATHWAYS co-coordinator and animal welfare expert, Harry Blokhuis, explains why addressing welfare and other sustainability factors is critical for building consumer trust and the longevity of the livestock sector.