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Precision Farming : Enhancing Livestock Management

Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) integrates various technologies into cohesive systems to monitor livestock in real-time and on an individual basis. It utilizes single or multiple tools to ensure precise monitoring, allowing farmers to track animal health, behaviour, nutrition and environmental conditions with accuracy and immediacy, in both intensive and extensive systems. This approach has the potential to optimize farming practices, enhance animal welfare, and contribute to more efficient and sustainable livestock production.

Less Is More: A Policy Debate for Sustainable Food

Given the ongoing Animal Welfare legislation revisions (transportation questions) + Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) (postponed past 2024 elections), PATHWAYS is de-polarizing the debate around food and agriculture: what is at stake, how to get industry leaders to implement greater sustainability measures, how to move towards less is more models of production, and address the challenges of implementing food sufficiency and climate resilience across Europe.

Towards Climate-Smart Livestock Systems

Livestock production clearly contributes to climate change, but it is also affected by changing climates. Nowhere is the stake higher than in Sub-Saharan Africa, where livestock keepers are on the frontline, already grappling with the harsh realities of climate change. With a focus on combining scientific data collection and solution-led field research on climate-smart livestock production, join us for an in-depth discussion with leading experts.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock: Measuring to Modelling

The livestock farming sector has been in the limelight for its outsize contributions to climate change: in the EU, it makes up more than half of methane emissions. Studying and measuring these emissions can be used to build models, which can illustrate a sustainable path forward for European agriculture.