Towards Sustainable Livestock Systems | Summer 2022 Newsletter

Towards sustainable livestock systems | Summer 2022

Welcome to our first PATHWAYS newsletter! Project activities are well underway, with our first in-person meeting this past May in Uppsala. The first nine months have seen a large focus on mobilising our national groups of farmers in our Practice Hubs, and initial meetings with our Multi-Actor Platform to gather visions on the future of livestock farming by 2050. Additionally, partner seminars have been busy outlining key concepts and approaches for the project. With attendance planned at upcoming events, forthcoming interviews with partners, and other other project-related news, read on to learn more as we embark on the journey to build more sustainable livestock-based food systems!

Project updates

European Multi-Actor Platform

The PATHWAYS MA platform is a key component that runs the entire project duration. The first meeting was held in May with very active participation on obtaining visions for sustainable food systems for 2050 and future meetings will be organised along the core themes of PATHWAYS - one welfare, trade-offs, and enabling transition. The outcome of these meetings will be consolidated with the practice hub visions for a report that will be available later this year.

Our next MA platform meeting will be in December to develop scenarios for sustainable food based partly on the work conducted this Spring. For more information on the Multi-Actor platform, visit our website or contact us.

Practice Hubs

PATHWAYS Practice Hubs include 16 different farmer groups paired with an industry partner. Practice Hubs meet to discuss ideas and innovations, and farmers will be given the opportunity to test innovations in Living Labs and feed their ideas to other stakeholders from farm-to-fork to support sustainable livestock production and consumption. Discover our Practice Hubs here >>. 

Surveys - Have your say!

Survey on Social LCA of Livestock Food Systems

Which social issues play a role in which livestock value chains? Take our short survey available in 10 languages here.  

Survey on Livestock and Ecosystem Services

How do you rate the importance of ecosystem services that can be affected by livestock farming? Take our short survey available in 10 languages here. 

Project announcements

PhD vacancy at (UGENT/VUB)

Applications open for a full time Joint PhD student position at the Laboratory for Animal Nutrition and Animal Product Quality (UGENT) and the Research Group of Industrial Microbiology and Food Biotechnolog (VUB) in the context of PATHWAYS. More info here

IDDRI job vacancy (FR)

Fluency in French required - IDDRI is seeking a new colleague to collaborate on PATHWAYS work involving the development of socio-political pathways for dietary change. Apply by 26 August. More info here.

Video hub

Project seminars

A series of partner-led seminars present core concepts and work from the PATHWAYS project.  Topics covered thus far include the core concepts behind PATHWAYS, Life-Cycle Analysis, Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Livestock, and Livestock Environmental Sustainability Metrics. All videos are available on our Video Hub.
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Farmer highlight

"We need a clear strategy for the management of natural resources - water, soil and biodiversity first - all of which are closely related to animals and their well-being. To have food security and sustainable development we must find a balance between the need to produce and have food for people and the durability/sustainability of this process."Burzo Florin-Grigore, Farm-owner (Dairy cows)

Upcoming events

73rd EAAP Conference

5-9 September 2022
Porto, Portugal

ORFC 2023

4-6 January 2023
Oxford, United Kingdom

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In the press

For the latest media coverage on PATHWAYS, check out our press section

"SLU koordinerar EU:s uppdrag för omställning till en hållbar livsmedelsproduktion"

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Other news

New Call for EIP-AGRI Focus Group Experts

Topics to be covered in three new Focus Groups including Enhancing farmland biodiversity through high-diversity landscape features, social farming and innovations, and recovery of abandoned agricultural lands. Apply by 19 September. More info here.

EU Farmbook

H2020 project EUREKA developed a European Knowledge Repository for Best Agricultural Practices. Access the EU Farmbook here.

International Trade and Sustainable Development Webinar

H2020 project Trade4SD held the webinar International Trade and Sustainable Development. More info here.

PhD course on Animal Welfare and SDGs

Offered by SLU, the course on Animal Welfare and the UN Sustainable Development Goals will take place from 13-16 September in Uppsala, Sweden. Apply by 16 August. More info here or contact us.

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