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PATHWAYS interview | Farmers key for a food revolution

Through its participatory approach, Farmer Facilitation Lead Jessica Stokes explains how PATHWAYS Practice Hubs are engaging farmers for a revolution of the food system.

PATHWAYS interview | Supporting livestock system innovation

Highlighting the pressures on current food systems, PATHWAYS co-coordinator Laurence Smith explains how PATHWAYS is a solution space for innovations in livestock systems.

PATHWAYS interview | Consumer Trust and a Sustainable Livestock Sector

PATHWAYS co-coordinator and animal welfare expert, Harry Blokhuis, explains why addressing welfare and other sustainability factors is critical for building consumer trust and the longevity of the livestock sector.

PATHWAYS seminar | Animal Welfare

Linda Keeling, Professor at the Department of Animal Environment and Health; Section of Ethology and Animal Welfare at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) provides an introduction to the science of animal welfare.

PATHWAYS seminar | Livestock Environmental Sustainability Metrics

Catherine Pfeifer, Agri-Food System Group Leader (FiBL) explains what metrics are needed to assess the environmental sustainability of livestock husbandry, providing insights to the GEO-SoL tool.

PATHWAYS seminar | Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Livestock

Senior Scientist David R. Yáñez-Ruiz (CSIC) explains the links between the (micro)biology and greenhouse gas emission (GHG) factors in livestock.

PATHWAYS seminar | Life Cycle Analysis

In this presentation, Dr Pietro Goglio (Wageningen University & Research) provides an overview of the Life Cycle Analysis work that will be carried out during the PATHWAYS project.

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PATHWAYS seminar | Introducing the core concepts

In this presentation, PATHWAYS co-coordinator Dr Laurence Smith outlines the three core concepts that underpin activities in PATHWAYS: One welfare, Trade-offs and Enabling transition, providing an overview of each concept and how they are being applied in research and innovation. We hope that the presentation helps to provide opportunities for synergy and interaction across tasks and work packages.