Envisioning the Future of Livestock Systems | Winter 2022 Newsletter

Envisioning the future of livestock systems | Winter 2022

One year into the project, the core visioning work has been completed from our Practice Hubs and Multi-Actor Platform. From these visions, initial scenarios are being developed on what the future of livestock farming could look like by 2050. The first workshops to further develop these scenarios were conducted during our General Assembly at the University of Reading last week

During the General Assembly, partners were treated to tours of the university's Centre for Dairy Research (CEDAR) and Kingsclere Estates, where they learned innovative farmer Tim May's approach to enterprise stacking.

More information on the visions will be available in 2023, as well as a series scientific publications, so stay tuned!

Happy holidays from all of us at PATHWAYS!

Project updates

Livestock system innovation

Highlighting pressures on our food systems, Laurence Smith sees PATHWAYS as a solution space for system innovation. Watch here. 

Building consumer trust

Animal welfare expert Harry Blokhuis explains why addressing welfare is critical for consumer trust and a sustainable livestock sector. Watch here.

PATHWAYS Practice Hubs

Our 16 national farming groups supporting holistic innovation in Europe.  More info here

PATHWAYS Advisory Board

The scientific experts weighing in on our work and outcomes More info here.

Farmer highlight

Other news

European Commission launches the EU CAP Network 

Merging EU-level rural networks (ENRD with Evaluation Helpdesk and EIP-AGRI) The EU CAP Network is a more efficient means to boost knowledge-sharing, cooperation and innovation across rural Europe and support the implementation of a modernised CAP, adopted last December.  Read more here. 

Gender imbalance in agriculture could undermine the sector’s green transition

About 30% of European farms are run by women, while EU farm policy is dominated by men. Read more here.

Upcoming events

ORFC 2023

4-6 January 2023
Oxford, United Kingdom

73rd EAAP Conference

5-9 September 2022
Porto, Portugal

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