Vacancy: PATHWAYS 21 Months Post-Doc position

A post-Doc position is going to be opened in the coming two months at the University of Perugia for a 21 month contract on the PATHWAYS project

The PATHWAYS project is coordinated by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and comprises 30 partners from 12 countries. PATHWAYS is a 5-year (2021-2026), €9 million Horizon 2020 project aiming to reduce environmental impacts while addressing societal demands for safe, nutritious and affordable meat and dairy products by identifying and increasing sustainable practices along the supply and production chains of the European livestock sector.

The Post-Doc position focuses in a holistic assessment of the farm to fork impacts of livestock product across Europe. The holistic assessment will be carried out with a cradle to gate approach adopting attributional, consequential and anticipatory/prospective life cycle assessment. The Post-Doc will be part of an international team which combines livestock and crop science, economic modelling and science.

Position requirements include:

  • expertise on agricultural life cycle assessment;
  • data acquisition from farmers on crop, grassland and livestock systems management and data processing;
  • expertise and knowledge on agricultural products markets and in drafting reports and scientific publications in agronomy, livestock science and in evaluation of agricultural markets and scenarios analysis;
  • expertise and knowledge on soil carbon and nitrogen budget, and on livestock farm management;
  • fluency in English.

The University of Perugia was established in 1308 AD and it has 27000 university students scattered across Perugia city in 14 departments. The Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science is located in the monumental complex of the San Peter’s Basilica on the Perugian acropolis and was established in 1896. Key research areas beside the PATHWAYS project include any research in the interface between Environment, Food and Agriculture.

UniPG will offer a 35000€ gross salary per year.

Deadline for application is on 18 April 2024.