Sustainable Food Systems in Action | Fall 2023 Newsletter

Sustainable Food Systems in Action | Fall 2023

From 12 to 14 September, PATHWAYS held its General Assembly in the beautiful city of Perugia, Italy, gathering partners and experts to discuss the sustainable solutions for our shared future and the projects' most recent milestones and accomplishments.

Almost halfway through, PATHWAYS is definitely set to change the way Europe deals with livestock through the creation of an integrated policy and innovation evaluation framework, as well as designing storylines and roadmaps to rethink the EU livestock sector until 2050.

PATHWAYS is actively engaging with consumers across several EU countries and, through surveys, trying to understand consumers' habits with the aim of developing a food basket calculator that considers both nutritional needs and environmental impact.

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Project Updates

PATHWAYS Project Makes Strides in Sustainable Livestock Practices

Animal science and sustainable livestock practices were in the spotlight at the 74th Annual Meeting of the European Federation for Animal Science (EAAP). Amidst the diverse discussions and presentations, one standout project, the PATHWAYS project, aims to address growing demands for meat and dairy products while reducing environmental impacts. Read more here.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock: Measuring to Modelling

Livestock farming contributes significantly to climate change, responsible for over half of methane emissions in the EU. PATHWAYS is organizing a webinar to offer concrete solutions. Learn from experts on animal nutrition, circular agriculture, and more. We'll share measurement and modeling examples for sustainable farming. Join the conversation! Register here.

Local Farm Field Visit

"It was an energising trip that highlighted to me that sustainability within the livestock sector encompasses a huge range of practices, innovations, and cultural and policy levers, and can only be accomplished with interdisciplinary, systems-levels cooperation. PATHWAYS is an excellent model for what can be achieved with a diverse group of stakeholders all pulling together in the same direction."
– Charlotte Wheeler, Crackalands Farm and Regional Development Manager at Pasture for Life
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Other News

Towards inclusive and sustainable food systems

Jenny Yngvesson from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences provides a strong message for fostering collaboration, co-creation, inclusivity and a more holistic approach to food systems, plus a simple description of One Welfare as a sister concept to One Health. Watch it here.
Farmers key for a food revolution

Through its participatory approach, Farmer Facilitation Lead Jessica Stokes explains how PATHWAYS Practice Hubs are engaging farmers for a revolution of the food system.Watch it here.
Livestock farmers from Sweden to Greece test paths to greener agriculture

Cow, goat and poultry farms are getting help from EU research to cut their environmental footprint and ensure high-quality foods. Livestock farmers in Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK are trying a new method to produce milk and meat: feeding their cows mainly or only grass. Read more.


Upcoming Events

13th ATF seminar

November 15
Brussels, Belgium

 1st Ruminant Feed Efficiency Academy

October 11
Milan, Italy

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