Vacancy: Post-Doc Researcher on the Environmental Assessment of Livestock Production Systems

As part of the PATHWAYS project we are recruiting a Post-Doc Researcher on the Environmental assessment of livestock production systems using consequential life cycle assessment with a crop-livestock approach integrating market equilibrium model data. The position is located at the University of Perugia (Italy).

Requirements include a MD in a related subject and PhD on PhD in Environmental business and economics, Agricultural science, Environmental science, Livestock science, Environmental statistics or related topics.

Expertise required
Expertise on agricultural life cycle assessment; data acquisition from farmers on crop, grassland and Livestock systems management and data processing; expertise and knowledge on agricultural products markets and in drafting reports and scientific publications in agronomy, livestock science and in evaluation of agricultural markets and scenarios analysis; expertise and knowledge on soil carbon and nitrogen budget, and on livestock farm management. Fluency in English.

To carry out consequential life cycle assessment of livestock product with crop-livestock interaction approach, to carry out data collection for life cycle assessment from farmers, processing company and other European partners; being responsible for the carbon and nitrogen budget related to livestock production and for scenario analysis.

This is a 2 year Post-Doc position with a 70000€ gross salary.